Francisco Manuel de Jesus Pinheiro

Integrate researcher in CEIS20-University of Coimbra. Post-doctoral fellow (2010-16) of FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology (Portugal). Coordinator of Portuguese Group for History and Sport (since 2011) and editor of the Collection for History and Sport (CEIS20/Afrontamento Ed.). Reviewer of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Advanced Olympic Research Grant Programme and of the FCT International Projects. History Channel TV advisor in Portuguese football history (2017). Member of the Director Board of CEIS20 (2012-2016). PhD in History (2010), Master in European Historical Studies (2003), Graduation in International Journalism (1998) and Bachelor in Social Communication (1996). Published 11 books, 22 chapters in books and dictionaries, 16 articles in peer review journals, 37 articles in books of abstracts and gave 91 communications in congresses in Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Catar, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan and USA. It has 107 items in scientific production and 146 in technical production. Main areas of research: contemporary history, sport and media studies.