Sport Heritage and Patrimonial Dynamics


14th Carrefour d’histoire du Sport (SFHS), 22th Conference of the European Committee for the History of Sports (CESH)

Bordeaux 29-31 october 2018

Supported by Thierry Terret,

Former Rector of Rennes district, delegate of the Ministry of Education and of University for Olympic Games and Paralympic Games of 2024

Coordinator : Jean-François Loudcher, Prof. Bordeaux


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Please note the suggested topics:

Body practices and techniques: revivalism

Games, transition from games to sports, sports

Events, revivalism

Grounds and equipment

The growing place of equipment and sport public grounds; the spatial panning policies of towns

Open field as heritage (horse riding, rafting, surf sports)

Living territories (football, rugby, basketball) which put heritage at the center of local identities.

Public policies, inventories and heritage safeguard

Relations to museum/institutions (putting into practice, local and national studies)

National, local and international development policies (comparisons)


Heritage process (the forming and evolution of heritage)

Reflection on the theorization of processes. Debates. Local examples. The issues of heritage formation and evolution (historical, cultural, political, social, territorial or thematic issues)


Passing down heritage

Heritage experiences.

To educate through heritage (at school, by associations, by National days)

To theorize the formation and evolution of heritage? (a new strategical issue for museums)

Heritage, colonial and postcolonial cultures

Heritage, and sport and physical activities in colonial and post-colonial context. The point will be to introduce historical, socio-cultural and museum researches dealing with modern identity issues coming from slavery, colonization and migrations for which sports engineering heritages and more globally body techniques are major elements.

Value of sport heritage

Virtual museums

Heritage and new technologies

Actions of development of heritage bonds?

Setting up of a heritage event (sport museum, National Museum of football of Manchester, Madrid)

Heritage and PE

Biographical and prosopographical studies

Places of memory (IREP, CREPS, DDJCS, classes, institutes)

Sport art and heritage


Genres of Music, hymns


Visual arts, facilities, theaters